Former opposition candidate Dr. Samura another hot water

The former opposition presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara in big trouble again after the court ordered his arrest and be handed over to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). This order came after the court announced that the Dr. Samura Kamara was involved in nefarious activities against the state. The court did not explain which type of activities the former president involved in.

However, the lawyer of Dr Samura Mr. Ady Macurley told the public that the allegation has to do with the Sierra Rutile company. Ady Merculey said he has reached out to the Anti Corruption Commission on behalf his client. Dr. Samura will voluntarily meet with the ACC next week.

Previously, Dr. Samura was also charged with corruption in a separate case relating to the New York Chancel build in the United States of America. That case was postponed during the election campaign, which allowed Dr Samura to campaign freely.

Leaders of the opposition party the All Peoples Congress (APC) has been complaining that the government is engaging on political witchhunt against the leaders of the party.

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