Actions and consequences

There’s a fundamental saying that every action has a consequence and every consequence has an reaction.
The Nigerian govt have started to realize the consequences of their president’s outburst reaction to the Niger coup.
Last year, the Niger military overthrew  a French poppet.  In a desperate effort to satisfy his Western masters, the president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu swiftly cut off electricity supply to Niger, which violated an agreement that was signed between the two countries.
From a historical perspective, this agreement was a result of the shared interests of both countries to access water from the niger river.
The river niger is one of the longest rivers in Africa, stemming from Sierra Leone, passing thru Guinea to Niger and depositing to the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria.
Niger wanted to build a dam on the Niger River for their energy supply.
This project would have a ripple effect on agriculture in northern Nigeria,  which would have affected the economy because Northern Nigeria is the foundation of economic growth. Northern Nigeria is the bastion of agriculture in Nigeria.
In order to prevent this ripple effect, the Nigerian govt signed an agreement to supply energy to Niger. In return Niger will not build the dam.
When Tinubu cut off the electricity without regard to the consequences, this action is now coming to bite them.
After withdrawing from ECOWAS, Niger has restarted the dam project. This will negatively impact agriculture in Northern Nigeria.
Nigeria is running out of time to renegotiate with Niger.
~Dr Mankota

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