A high powered delegation from ECOWAS arrived in Sierra Leone today for a fact-finding mission in relations to the failed coup, which took place on November 26th. The delegation was a fulfilment of an agreement reached between the government of Sierra Leone and ECOWAS recently in Abuja.

The delegation was headed by the president of Ghana H.E. John Ado Akufu and the president of Senegal Mr. Macky Sal. The delegation held a meeting with the government of Sierra Leone at state house. After that meeting, the delegation drove to the house of the former president to see him.

Few days ago, social media was lit up about the visit of this delegation. Many Sierra Leonean bloggers alleged that the purpose of the visit was to plea on behalf of the former president who is under house arrest in his Femi Tuner street in Freetown.

However, the delegation made it clear that the purpose of their visit has to do with what was reached in Nigeria during the ECOWAS summit a couple months ago. The delegation left Sierra Leone after the meeting with the government.

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