Sierra Leone Inspector General of Police revealed former president is a suspect in a failed coup investigation

The Inspector General of Police in Sierra Leone has revealed to the public that the former president of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma is a suspect in the ongoing investigation of the failed coup that took place on November 26th 2023.

According to the IGP, the former president was told in the presence of his lawyer that former president will be granted bail because of his status in the nation on certain conditions. One of the conditions is the former president will be confined in his house. He will not be allowed to go outside without first taking permission of the IGP.

Earlier on Saturday, The ministry of information and civic education put a twit on the ministry of X account explaining that the for president is been confined to his house, which indicated he was under house arrest. This statement created a lot of confusion among Sierra Leoneans around the world, especially after the TPN network revealed that the lawyers for the former president have disputed the assertion of the ministry of information and civic education.

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